After 65 years and two generations of continuous presence in the field of merchandising, following the trends and the signs of the times, we decided to expand to the internet.
So, we present to you our new online store, as a natural development and expansion of our existing physical shop in Volos.
Our extensive experience in decorating, interior design and furnishing for so many years provides us with a continuous inspiration in choosing the best and most special items, regardless of price.
In touring our site you will find works and creations made exclusively by Greek artists and creators. They include ceramic wall sculptures, paintings, artworks made with molded materials found in nature such as sand, leaves, pebbles, artwork with ancient Greek themes, handmade jewelry, office supplies and gifts for both men and children.
Colorful charms, trees, fairies, but also other wooden creations, decorated in our own way with pearls and golden beads, because we love color and fairy tales …

We can make unique pieces for you to order by special arrangement.

Yours sincerely,
Kostas Nempis
Penelope Oikonomidou-Nempis

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